Amsterdam Part I

Maybe it's the bikers. Or the party boats streaming down the canals. Or the design cafés. Or a combination of all these. There's something about Amsterdam that gives off the best vibes, a tangible energy throughout the city. 

My friend and I went on a trip to Europe for around a week and a half. We talked about maybe travelling together over the summer, and we actually did it sort of impulsively. AirBnb and flights booked, off we went! I think the best way to travel is to first, just BOOK THE FLIGHT, have a short list of MUST-DO's, and then GO WITH THA FLOW from there. (but one tip, book the AirBnb at least two weeks in advance... I had to make about six requests before one finally accepted.) 

We spent three short days in this wonderful city. I love how you can walk everywhere and not notice how far you've gone along the canals because there is so much to see. Here's a list of the main "touristy" spots we hit up: Van Gogh Museum, Nine Streets shopping, Bloemenmarkt, Red Light District, and Plekk Port Bar. 

The weather was in our favour, as it did not rain at all although it was forecasted. Out of all the places we visited, I enjoyed strolling around the Nine Streets area the most. I would compare it to having a similar vibe to Soho in NYC, with its posh shops and juice bars. Sitting down at a coffee shop with a view of the canal, and observing trendy Europeans walk past is an activity in of itself. 

Besides all the sight-seeing, I was most thankful for the time I got to spend with my friend, Yukyung. Even though I see her almost every day in Montreal, from pulling all nighters during exams to being my reliable pho date, exploring in a new place made our friendship even stronger. She's still in Greece for the rest of the month to get her yoga instructor certification... I feel like a proud mama in everything she does. She started her own blog,, (full credz to yours truly for coming up with the name) to log her journey towards becoming a true yogi. I told her that I would deport her straight back to Greece if she doesn't return as a full fledged vegan with dreadlocks.

I expect no less. 

xo, Dahye