Hawker Centre

One of the most mind-blowing aspects about Singapore is how people save their spot in a hawker center (basically an open air food court of heaven) by placing a packet of tissues. Take your jolly time getting food, and the spot is still waiting for you. 

I find this fascinating. 

Another example of this super high level of social trust can be applied to when two of my roommates (#tricount (inside joke)) forgot their bags on the MRT (at different times and places). They were both contacted in a short period of time saying that someone found it, and they can retrive their belongings at place XYZ. Everything in tact.

This would be unheard of in most cities. 

But then again, most countries don't have rules for rules and laws governing laws like in Singapore. I'm not sure which system is best, but I still have to give them props. 

There are other small things I've observed and learned about Singapore, all of which I am jotting down in my iPhone notes when they come to mind. I'll try to compile them into a somewhat comprehensive list and share them one day. 

I'm flying off to Bangkok in exactly 12 hours. It will be an interesting time to be there as their King recently passed away. Vlogging is in order, watch out. 

xo, Dahye