Dragon flower shop

The Dragon Flower Shop on Bernard is one of those "insta-famous" spots in Montreal (up there with the Tommy cafe plant ceiling and the cracked paint on the walls of Cafe Parvis.) Is anyone surprised by this? I mean, peonies, white birdcages, and the disorganized nature of the display that gives it its charm makes for a gram-worthy corner. 

I intended to visit this place ever since I moved to Montreal, but like all plans, most of them get pushed back by excuses, laziness, or not wanting to go alone. Even something so insignificant like visiting some flower shop can become one of those "one day I will ______" plans. But I promised myself to stop talking so much about stuff I want to do and places I want to go, and just do it. (no intention of copyright infringement to Nike) 

This impromptu visit made my day, as the owner of the shop is such a warm and welcoming person. It was one of those encounters with a stranger, that, for some reason, what they say in that fleeting interaction makes an impact on your life. I think that's one of the beauties in life: meeting strangers that say exactly what you needed to hear in that moment without even knowing each other's name. 

xo, Dahye