Little India

Little India will always have a special place in my heart. 

I lived (wow, using past tense *tears) in this neighborhood during exchange. Obviously chose it for 24 hour access to prata. This was some smart thinking ahead on my part, as readily available carbs and grease is the secret to preventing hangovers before they start. 

I say this half jokingly, but it's also made me realize how strongly certain foods can become associated to memories of certain people and places. And for that matter, everything else that may seem so small and insignificant in the moment can actually be the most strongly associated with certain memories.

Monologue with mustafa centre: Dear Mustafa centre, I know I complained about your chaos and crowded aisles each visit, but I hold you dear in my heart. From the most frustrating hours of my life  in the first week to get all of the living necessities to kind of sort of knowing my way around your maze towards these four months, you were always there for me. Literally 24 hours, 7 days a week, from 3 AM dollar pizza to diving goggles. Thank you.

Saying good bye is harder than I thought. Packing was an emotional deed. It's not only the sheer act of saying bye to friends and this city that I love, but just the concept that this chapter of my youth is over.

In the end, we're just left with photos and memories.

With great love and happy tears,