Phuket, Thailand

Phuket was one of those destinations that exceeded expectations. I got mixed reviews from different people, but as long as you avoid the overly-commercialized downtown area, it's a beautiful part of Thailand worth exploring. Here is what we did: 

Day 1

• John Gray's Sea canoe tour. This tour takes the entire day and they take you to three spots around the bay area. At each stop, you get on a canoe and get a up-close-and-personal look at the mounds and caves that jut out of the water. Seriously beautiful. I recommend taking the Phang Nga bay tour. It's not as famous as Bond Island or the Koh Phi Phi island area, but it's less crowded and the water is absolutely pristine. 

Day 2

• Phuket city. The resort offered a shuttle to and fro the city center, so despite all the advice to avoid the city as much as possible, we still ventured out if only to see how bad it actually is. Okay, so it's not THAT bad, but it's not the nicest. But honestly, you have to also experience this tourist-centered, sexually charged atmosphere at least once in Southeast Asia.  

Day 3

•  I recommend taking one day to do nothing but enjoy the beach. I spent a good part of the day kayaking around the bay, as the water was super calm. I docked the canoe on the shore across the resort and walked up to a Buddhist temple on top of a hill with a commanding view of the waters. The temple itself was like a mini version of the Golden Mount in Bangkok.  

That sums up our three days in Phuket, with interim mi goreng sessions. 

xo, Dahye