Pulau Ubin

Hello, it's me. 

 I'm giving myself the following excuses for my twenty day absence: 

- laptop crashed last week (seems to be an annual ritual that I never signed up for but okay) and I felt guilty asking the rents for a new one so I delayed that conversation as much as possible until I really had to start studying for exams

- exams 

- personal life events that I won't get into, but nothing bad so no worries 

Classes are over and the next few days will be spent at the library, sometimes up until they play "Closing Time." This is such a Singaporean thing, the most polite and friendly way to say "GTFO." In Montreal, they just shut the lights off lol. 

One week left until this whole exchange thing is over. Soon it will be time to say good bye's to friends and places. It's sad, but having something (and someone) that is hard to say good bye to is something to be happy for.

xo, Dahye